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The Madison (Wisconsin) Scandi Band, like spelmanslags in Scandinavian communities, is a group of fiddlers (and occasionally other musicians) who meet regularly in members' homes to play traditional music. We learn the music by ear—from each other, from musicians at Folklore Village and other workshops, and from recordings.

Group in traditional costumesWhat we play

Our music is for dancing:

  • Polskas from Rättvik, Bingsjö, Boda, and other Swedish locations
  • Gånglåts (walking tunes) and Snoas
  • Hambos
  • Polses, springars, and springleiks from Norway
  • Waltzes
  • Danish Sonderhoning and Femspring
  • Polkas
  • Mixers and other dances from various European and near eastern countries
Three fiddlers on porch

Where we've played

Since we began in April 2008, we have played for Saturday night dances and Scandinavian music and dance workshops at Folklore Village near Dodgeville, a Scandinavian midsummer party in Middleton, a wedding dance in Madison, the Fall Heritage Festival in Mount Horeb, Old World Wisconsin near Eagle, and Make Music Madison. We've accompanied the Folklore Village International Dancers at the Triangle Ethnic Fest in Madison, Old Time Celebration in Beaver Dam, Heritage Days at Wisconsin Concrete Park in Phillips, and other performances.

Jamming with the pros at Nisswa

Jamming with the pros at Nisswastämmen festival in Minnesota

For more information

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